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Natalie | 2015

Two friends, Natalie & Molly, stumbled upon the Art Garage one night and asked about the art in the window. When I explained the ArtSwap Project, they were instantly on board. Since they seemed so pumped on the project, I suggested that we do something different… like, what if the photoshoot involved food? Natalie was the first to voice her opinion that cheeseburgers were pretty great. No arguments from me. The night of the shoot, we went and got $15 worth of In-N-Out and had a really fun and messy photoshoot.

Everyone has a personal relationship with food. It’s fuel, friend, enemy. Too much or too little, Bad and good, I wanted to make a few sketches about food relationships, something we’re married to, ‘til death do us part.

If her Xacto knife was a wand, Natalie would be Harry Potter.

Look closer and you’ll notice that these are not prints, but actual stencil cutouts. I was so amazed when I saw these delicate patterns intricately carved out of colored paper.

Can you imagine the amount of patience it would take to cut out all those small details? Love and care show in the finished pieces.

I’m so stoked that Natalie submitted her work to the ArtSwap. She really came through. I hope she liked my portrait as much I admire her work.

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Next week: Molly’s Adventure with Cocoa

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