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ArtSwap | Denis

The Art Swap club

Denis | 2015


Working in the Art Garage, I get a lot of walk-ins. Some who are curious about the studio space. Some who are locals, just saying hi.  Some chasing in after their dogs, who find the corners of the studio most curious.

One sunny Monday, Denis walked up to the studio asking about head shots. I thought he was lost, and pointed him towards my neighbor, who has a photo studio set up in his garage. Denis works in marketing with international companies, but he young, he’s in LA, why not try something exciting, like modeling.

Headshots are not really my thing, but he was perfect for ArtSwap, since he had a good angular face I wanted to draw. We photographed him in business attire and sporty ones to show his versatility. I kept asking him for Blue Steel, but the Zoolander reference was lost on him, and with his thick Russian accent,  he would reply, “Vhaut?”

As the ArtSwap goes, Denis bought me a cup of Starbucks  and a delicious banana.



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