ArtSwap | Helen

The ArtSwap club Helen | 2015 When Helen and I first started planning our ArtSwap, she offered up a few things for her submission, a photo from her portfolio, a portrait, or BBQ pork tacos. Artistically, I wanted the photo or the portrait, but my stomach ended up choosing the tacos! I’m glad it did, because… Continue reading ArtSwap | Helen

ArtSwap | Molly

The Art Swap club Molly | 2015 Previously in the Tiny Gallery…, Natalie had a run in with a giant cheeseburger, this week, it’s Molly’s turn. But it’s not cheeseburgers she’s after, she wants something… sweeter. Something light and fluffy, but also chocolatey, something like chocolate cake! OOH YEAH! On the day of the shoot I… Continue reading ArtSwap | Molly

ArtSwap | Jenna

Tiny Gallery | Week of November 24 | Mr. Green | “I’m currently a casting editor for televisions shows. Auditions that people come in for, I edit those and try to pitch these people. I kinda fell into that. I had no idea that was actually a thing… You can kinda shape the person, based on what you choose to include in the cut, which is kinda weird.” -Troy AKA Mr. Green-