Tiny Gallery | Week of December 15 | Christmas is Back

Tiny Gallery | Week of December 15 | Christmas is Back | “Santa’s been around for a while and I kinda wanted to include all of them. More traditional, Old School Santa, he’s so old. Then we have new school drummer Santa. He’s pretty fresh. And we have an We have a Joeseph Santa and a Mary Santa. I hope no one gets mad at me for that” -Nolan-

Tiny Gallery | Week of October 27 | Skulls Dia de Muertos

Tiny Gallery | Week of October 27 | Skulls | Dia de Muertos Skull Project – I was invited to showcase some of my work at Dia de los Muertos Fest, an upcoming music event on November 1st.

In celebration of Dia de Muertos, I wanted to create art to commemorate “Death”. I sketched some skulls, cut them out of reclaimed wood from a construction site, and painted them with different designs.

I’m working on a new design a day for the rest of October. Stay connected and follow the project on Facebook or Twitter and if you’re free on November 1st, don’t forget to drop by and see them displayed at the event.

Harajuku Girls

Harajuku Girls. The Harajuku district in Japan is all about fashion. Many trendy young people gather there to show off their outfits and hang out. It’s inspiring to know that these kids are custom making their outfits and sometimes mix and matching styles to create their own. With these two paintings I wanted to capture some of that raw creativity.

Tiny Gallery | Week of September 8 | Glass Windows

A Glass Act. I’m helping my parents restore an old federal style house that was built in 1890. The house has lots of windows that are all being replaced. So instead of throwing the old windows away, I decided to start painting on them.  It’s my first time painting on glass with enamel and I’m loving it. More to come.

The Eye Candy Art Show

The Eye Candy Art Show brings together an eclectic mix of paintings and mixed media works from a group of Los Angeles artists. Featuring the enigmatic process art of Kyle Lind, the chromatically rich imagery of Paul Lekakis, the textured and structural work of Alevé Loh, the architectural pieces of Kohl King, the retro wood paintings of Nolan Lemos and melancholy portraits of Ken Ng.


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