Tiny Gallery | Week of December 15 | Christmas is Back

Tiny Gallery | Week of December 15 | Christmas is Back | “Santa’s been around for a while and I kinda wanted to include all of them. More traditional, Old School Santa, he’s so old. Then we have new school drummer Santa. He’s pretty fresh. And we have an We have a Joeseph Santa and a Mary Santa. I hope no one gets mad at me for that” -Nolan-

The Eye Candy Art Show

The Eye Candy Art Show brings together an eclectic mix of paintings and mixed media works from a group of Los Angeles artists. Featuring the enigmatic process art of Kyle Lind, the chromatically rich imagery of Paul Lekakis, the textured and structural work of Alevé Loh, the architectural pieces of Kohl King, the retro wood paintings of Nolan Lemos and melancholy portraits of Ken Ng.

VIDEO | The Legend of Ol Youngin

By the time you hear his chains, it’s already too late. Each Halloween, Ol Youngin, awakens from his crypt buried deep under the Silver Lake Art Garage. Feasting on children to regain his youth, he lures victims to his evil lair with the promise of candy and treats. Unfortunately for some, their Hershey bar will be their last meal.

Urs Fischer @ MOCA

August 8, 2013. We try to see art every once in a while. It’s free on Thursdays, so we jumped in the truck and went.